Friday, June 11, 2010

I love nothing more than finding a new source of eye candy, inspiration & desire...
Whippy Cake is my new yum, yum spot! Wouldn't you love to be the one to hand out these goodies????? Aren't you dying to know what is in them??!!!
Such fun and frivolity!

And divine-ness in tiers!!!!!!!!


  1. Looks like maybe bath salts or something yummy to soak in...I was just watching a show on PBS and Christine Northrup who I really like for heath menopause advice was on...she said that most of us are lacking in magnesium and that is in epson salt and if you pour a cup of that in your bath your body absorbs it..who knew?? Just wanted to share that..On to check out Whippy Cake...

  2. Hello Sweetie, I'm thinking lavender or bath salts are in it!?? Or maybe tea...Love the images they are so sweet, I'm going to visit Whippy Cake, sounds fun! Glad you are back blogging, hope you are all well


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