Friday, November 13, 2009

If diamonds are a girl's best friend,
Then what would that girl's dream job be??
I know, but I can't tell you yet! To be continued....

Thursday, November 12, 2009

To Tweet or not to Tweet?
I don't get it it.... How to Tweet??
Help, me!
I've an account I don't know what to do with.
How do I post it?
Where to post it?
How do I "Tweet"?
It can't be hard.
Please, I can't be left behind......

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

As I layed down last night after a full day in my studio,
My mind so cluttered from creating,
I craved a little "white noise" to settle my thoughts....

Friday, November 6, 2009

I left out a few Blessings in my previous post....
Thank you, my wonderful blog friends! Thank you, for so many thoughtful and inspiring comments. You are a Blessing to me!!!
I am so glad I sound positive because I actually feel like Lucy looks!! It is funny because my husband keeps getting on me for being so negative. I tried to explain to him the difference in being positive and living in La-La Land. He didn't find this funny. We have had six weeks now to digest, grieve and get over the shock and fear, and I think we are both a bit relieved by the whole ordeal.
Have a wonderful weekend, my Blessings! I'm back to my sewing machine.
xxx kim

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Angela Henrie has posted her November give away. It is a most beautiful sentiment of Blessings. November and December are certainly the months to count our blessings, but this year they have a whole new meaning for our family. My traveling man recently found out his position in his company was being dissolved. Effective immediately. No warning, no negotiation, no explanation other than economy. The news came on the very same day our oldest son received his acceptance letters to both the colleges he really hoped for. On the same day I had finally decided to take my designs to the next level. My man has never had to look for a job. Not ever. He went straight out of college into his field because of lifelong family ties, and from that job into his present position (the one that is no longer). This was a division that my hubby was hired to create and take national, which he did and did well. He thought he would be a part of this company until he chose to retire, so to say he has been in shock is an understatement. My Job for the past 17 years has been CEO of our household. I have many, many hours of volunteer work, Junior League, NCL, PTA President, Auction boards. I have taught parent/toddler art classes, and made divine purses, but how viable is this in today's economy? Long story short, we have come to a crossroad in our lives.
Our Blessings are becoming more and more evident every day. They come in small forms of phone calls of support from people we have not seen in years expressing so much love I can hardly fathom. They come from the communication between my hubby and myself that had all but died out over the past few years of his traveling. What we originally thought a tragedy has somehow taken our relationship to a new level. They come from the gentle push that God gave us in his timing. I think sometimes something has to be bad enough to bring you down to the point where you can see it as a Blessing. When things are always good and easy (though this is certainly a blessing in itself) you don't always recognize the real Blessings in your life.
We have decided to take the twenty years of experience and exposure that hubby has earned and start our own business. Why not? Hubby can do everything he has been doing for someone else on his own. We have tossed the idea around so many times before. The economy has to come back at some point, and we will be ready and waiting to take it on. I am still terribly worried about my youngest child's private school tuition and College and the likes, but I strongly believe in Fate. It is time and I feel Blessed beyond words that we are able to take the leap. Blessed that we have a loving family to support us. Blessed by our friends who have been so encouraging. Blessed, in all honesty, by the strange shocking reality that everything does happen for a reason, and yes, when one door does shut another will open (even if it is a little rusty!). I am Blessed we have talents we recognize, and the opportunity to let them shine.
Visit Angela Henrie today and let her know what a Blessing she is. She is so generous, talented, loving and infectious in her spirit. I have been Blessed by her blog friendship.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Coming Soon....

If you are in the area on November 12th & 13th, please visit me at the Shelton Commons!