Thursday, November 12, 2009

To Tweet or not to Tweet?
I don't get it it.... How to Tweet??
Help, me!
I've an account I don't know what to do with.
How do I post it?
Where to post it?
How do I "Tweet"?
It can't be hard.
Please, I can't be left behind......


  1. It took me a little while to get used to it, also :)

    Basically, Twitter is twofold:
    On your home page, on the right-hand sidebar you have (for example)
    @AshieCake (that's me) and Direct Messages.

    @AshieCake is public. If someone wants to link you in a post they will write "@AshieCake" in the box and it will appear on THEIR profile. Whenever you link to someone in one of your posts, it comes up on YOUR profile (you can access that at the top right on the toolbar) along with all of your other status updates.
    To see any posts that you have been linked in, you choose the "@...." option on the sidebar.

    Direct Messages are private- like a mail box.

    Finally, the list of 'Trending Topics' on the right are the most frequent things people are tweeting about. Usually you put a '#' in front of the subject you're tweeting to link it.

    For example,
    "I just went #shopping with @Stephanie"

    Hope this helps! Follow me if you need more help :) (

  2. PS- I didn't like Twitter at first. It was weird and had to get my head around. Now I quite like it. There's a limit to the things you can do on Twitter and once you learn the ropes it's easy as pie. Pretty superficial though- full of celebrities who are too busy for Facebook but it doesn't have the silly tween MySpace crowd. Good luck!!

  3. Hi Kim, Your bags are divine!! As far a tweeting goes, I just have a link on my sidebar, I'm on wordpress so we just added the widget. I usually just upload my blog posts to twitter and occassionally I tweet when I have time. Its pretty easy just go on and follow the steps and then link to it on your blog.
    Stop over when you have time, I'm doing a giveaway...a pretty handpainted necklace!!

  4. Hi, (I tried to email you but my computer is being very strange and needs to get fixed, this seems to be working now)..Just click on to the link , its a little below the picture of the cutting boards, you can also go on my boutique directly from my blog/on the sidebar and the boards are in the party girl section on the boutique. they are all around $24 or $28 I can't remember exactly. I'm going to make a Christmas Snowman cheeseball and put him on one of the winter cutting boards...but the pumpkin cheeseball would be great for thanksgiving too.
    I hope you are doing better and btw your comment was hysterical about 'dorkaliciou'!!!

  5. I just have a link on my sidebar, I'm on wordpress so we just added the widget

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