Friday, November 6, 2009

I left out a few Blessings in my previous post....
Thank you, my wonderful blog friends! Thank you, for so many thoughtful and inspiring comments. You are a Blessing to me!!!
I am so glad I sound positive because I actually feel like Lucy looks!! It is funny because my husband keeps getting on me for being so negative. I tried to explain to him the difference in being positive and living in La-La Land. He didn't find this funny. We have had six weeks now to digest, grieve and get over the shock and fear, and I think we are both a bit relieved by the whole ordeal.
Have a wonderful weekend, my Blessings! I'm back to my sewing machine.
xxx kim


  1. YOU are a Blessing too!!! Happy sewing!...and I have an idea for BEST friend owns an amazing boutique in Tyler(TX)...Bridgette's...might be something fun for you...a trunk show there??? or carry your line full time?? just a thought!
    Happy weekend!
    Many Blessings!

  2. Keep positive, will all work out in the end.
    Sometimes, these things happen for a reason.... and life is better. thinking of you both. XXXX

  3. I agree with Jacqueline, Thinking of you and your family! Have a sweet weekend! x

  4. I'm just stopping by to say I'm thinking of you!!

  5. Hi sweetie!

    I just read your previous post...and trust me when I say "You will LOVE being in business for yourselfs and with your hubby"! My Texan hubby and I have been in business together for almost 30 years and yes, there are ups and downs, hard work, sacrafice...but, we have been successful, and I know that if you both stick with it---you will truly be blessed (AGAIN)! If you ever need someone that has been through this, my door is always open as a sounding board! xo...deb

  6. Being positive is the most important thing. Rest will find a way. It always does..


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