Sunday, December 6, 2009

Everyone loves a parade!!!
Especially at Christmas time! This is the City of Richardson annual Christmas parade where every group, yes, EVERY group in Richardson is represented. Every Boy Scout, Girl Scout, Adventure Guide, Band, Gymnastic team, dog, pony, old car club, new car club.... Get where I'm going?? This wonderful event takes hours and hours and hours to make its way through town. What you can't tell by the photos is the temperature, a big ole 30 degrees. Oh so cold. Luckily Mr. Race's band was in the "first wave" and we were in the car by 10:00 after getting there at 7:00 for the staging. Whew, what a day!
Race is the kiddo in the middle. The one in a hoody only. I have no idea where his coat was.


  1. Parades are done so well in the U.S. You are very good at them and this one looks as if it was no exception. It's lovely when your children are involved as well, isn't it , Kim ? XXXX

  2. I love parades, reminds me so much of growing up in upstate NY and going with my family to every single parade, my parents still never miss one!! They are so much fun. Race is so cute. I don't know why but I never think it gets that cold in Texas?? BTW did I ever tell you that a Texas accent is my favorite, better than French , Italian, English etc. etc. I have always wanted to have a Texas accent!! I just love it!!
    Have a great night


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