Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My yearly dilemma....

White lights?
Colored lights? I always go with the color. It is just my more layed back, playful style. Oh how I wish I could be the elegant sophisticated "Snow Queen" of the white tree, but alas I am meant to remain the ever crazy "Queen of Hearts".

It is good to be back with you. I've started my new job. It feels like I've started a new life, but I think I am back in my bloggy groove. Thank you all for your loving comments. It is great to be missed.

Both photos from "A Fairy-Tale Christmas" by Karen Anderson


  1. Hi Kim, both trees are gorgeous , but I like the colorful one, I'm very traditional around Christmas time!! You sound very busy but happy so thats great. The yellow house in my sidebar is the original 200 year old carriage house that is part of our home, it is my favorite part...old and quaint. As for the gingerbread recipe I use martha stewarts, but the one especially for gingerbread houses. If you can't find it , let me know and I will get it to you, My computer is going in to be fixed in the morning and I'm not sure when its coming back. As soon as I get it , I can post the recipe for you!!
    I will also call Vermont tomorrow and get those boards to you asap. Thanks so much for your business it is much appreciated.
    One of these days I hope you make it out to nyc and we can visit.

  2. Missed you! Both of the trees are gorgeous! I love the way you describe white vs colored. It makes me feel better. I always do white and just say, well, I am boring! :)I am sure your Christmas decor looks beautiful! Hope Thanksgiving was wonderful! Where are you working? Thinking about y'all!

  3. I think that it's lovely that you like the 'traditional' colourful Christmas look.I always have a real Christmas tree. I know that it's going to look beautiful. Welcome back to blogland, Kim XXXX

  4. Love the pics. I love white lights but lots, and I mean lots of colorful ornaments. I hope you'll post your tree. Cheers!!

  5. Very pretty trees. I say go with both! There is always room for one more tree even if it is a small one:)
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