Monday, May 24, 2010

Before we begin..... Apology # 1: I have forgotten, in my bloggy absence how to place pictures in chronological order.
Apology # 2: I have, in my bloggy absence forgotten how to turn pictures so that you can view them straight on.
Apology # 3: I have neglected in my bloggy momma-dom to edit unsavory behavior........ PROM 2010
Lake Palestine

Our beyond Divine lake house on Lake Palestine, outside of Tyler!!!! Could there ever be a more perfect after-party sight???? I have learned, it is not about the party, but all about the AFTER PARTY!!! The Kids have truly made this an art form in itself.

Pre-Prom photos - of coarse I missed all of the "Pre" festivities.... I left for the lake early to set up and chill before the party began. Gary and Callie were in charge of T's preparation and photos!! I think they did a phenomenal job!

Tripp, Rob & Elise. A threesome that have been together since they were babies.

Tripp & Callie
Both mine, of coarse!!!!!!

T & Sean
Sean will be attending Baylor University on a FULL BASEBALL scholarship!!!!

T & date, Anna showing off her REALLY COOL lace boots

T & Anna... Anna is a Future Horn Frog!! Hey Soul SISTA... Riff Ram Ba Zoo....

The "Group"

The "Boys"

The TALL boys!

T & Anna

Boys with flowers

A boy and a dad.

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