Friday, May 28, 2010

This is what I opened my front door to see this morning..... No, it is not an anniversary present from my mister (though I did wonder for a moment). It does, thankfully, belong to a neighbor's child.... hopefully, one not staying long, but the longer I looked at this poor neglected thing, the faster my mind began to spin ....
Everyone knows of my love of the AirStream ...

And my fascination with the Gypsy Wagon ....

Do you think the neighbor's decrepit camper could be made to look so grand???

I don't think I'll be making them any offers.


  1. Oh, I do think it could so grand...I have had a blast renovating vintage trailers. Currently I am working on a 1956 Airstream Bubble...before the Bambi...13 foot...I too want one of those gypsy wagons...

  2. Hi there! Kim I think you could turn this into a gem!! I would love to have a gypsy wagon in my backyard to play in, how fun would that be... Hope all is well in Texas and that you all are enjoying Memorial Day weekend


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