Friday, September 18, 2009

Anthropologie has me begging... I do desperately need a new shower curtain. We also need groceries. It's a shame we have to eat. With all that extra allowance $$, my house could be so wonderful. Oh well, another addition to my Christmas List.


  1. Oh, I love that photograph, Kim.
    Fabulous little table and what a girly shower curtain. XXXX

  2. Oh too funny, yeah shame about the groceries!

  3. Lovely curtain, but you are right we have to eat too :)) Saving time..

  4. I've been dreaming (and drooling!) over the same curtain...darn the need to eat!

  5. I love this shower curtain would be perfect in my little stone bathroom upstairs, lets eat saltine crackers for a week and buy this :) Oh yeah right don't think our hubbies and kids would be too thrilled with that idea. But seriously I have been looking at some like this, feels very vintage shabby chic ( I want to mix the frilly against the old worn antique stone) btw, just got the shabby chic book and I love it, it took me away from my business for about an hour but it was well worth it :)
    have a great night

  6. Lovely curtain, but you are right we have to eat too :)) Saving time..
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