Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I stole some time this Labor Day weekend to sew for myself!!
This is a horrible picture of me (I think I had just gotten puppy nipped), but it shows off my new, super cute Minnie Edmonson Peasant Dress/Top.
I stumbled upon Minnie and the wonderful shop she teaches at, Domestic Bliss, while googling my favorite fabric designers. In fact this is how I discovered all my favorite blogs. Unfortunately, Minnie, Domestic Bliss and all the great fabrics are in Mesa, AZ. I am not, but not to fear, they were kind enough to let me order. Check out both of their blogs here and here. They are so much fun, and delicious eye candy. My new obsession is getting to Mesa to actually take one of the classes. My travelin' mister's office is in Phoenix. I might have to tag-a-long on one of his trips (he'll love that. hahaha).
Domestic Bliss carries Heather Bailey, Amy Butler and Jennifer Paganelli among others. You would think I could find these fabrics somewhere in Dallas, but I have had no luck. Just look at this cabinet full!! They also host all kinds of special events check out their Blissful Living blog for a schedule of upcoming festivities. You Arizona girls are so lucky to have these talented, creative people near you.

The fabulous Minnie in one of her darling creations. This looks like such a fun group!!
Thanks, Minnie for putting together my patterns and fabrics. This pattern was so quick and easy, and it fits like a dream. My hubby even likes it! I can't wait to see what you're up to next!!!


  1. These are all gorgeous and you look lovely BUT....more importantly.....I've want you to know that I have left a comment re winning your giveaway and I've emailed you but have not had an answer....am a bit worried in case you think I'm not interested ('cos I am). Please email me so that I know that you have received my email. Thanks XXXX

  2. You are cute as a button in that little dress. Thanks for coming by ...I always worry about doing a pet peeve...just know it is going to come back and bite me.

  3. I totally adore that top, it goes so well with the jeans and shoes. Really cool.

  4. I know! I know! We are so lucky to have these girls here in AZ! Domestic Bliss is THE place to shop in Mesa. Kristen (the owner) has such an eye for all things beautiful. You definately have to witness it in person!

  5. Kim, you look beautiful! Love your top and the colors...precious! Have a great day and thanks for your poem compliment! Love, Kelly


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