Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I must admit I live in a very masculine house.

Yes, it is warm and cozy.

Yes, I do love its Texas, country style.

Yes, I did love my grandmother's leggy, Edwardian tufted, red upholstered chairs. They added a bit of femininity and formality amidst the deer mounts and elk.

My husband discovered much to my dismay that they are not recliners.

Here are a few of my favorites that I have invited to my poor chair's funeral.

I'm hoping some will decide to stay.


  1. Ooooo, Kimberly. These are gorgeous. Each and everyone.I have some of these images saved in my pictures 'cos they are so beautiful. Will you be able to save your grandmother's chairs if you re-upholster them ? I hope so. XXXX

  2. OOOH!!! serious chair *swoon*!!!

  3. Love all the pics. I especially love the first one but I would need fake hide ( I just gotta be me).


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