Friday, October 23, 2009

My mister is in Oklahoma for the start of deer season. Have a told you he's a hunter??
I think this would be his dream bed in his second childhood.
I stumbled upon Hiccupings this morning. What a bloggy find!!!
I also found my would be dream rooms while I was there.

I am okay with this one as a grown-up.

All pictures from Hiccupings.


  1. Lovely find!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Any child would love to have the first and second bedroom. I wouldn't think you would have any trouble getting them to bed.... brilliant rooms, Kim. XXXX

  3. I love that first image, my son would be so happy in that room/bed. My good friend gave us a deer head ( I guess thats what its called???) that he got on one of his hunting trips. Its mounted in our springhouse out back on a stone wall. He gave it to me four years ago for a party I was doing out there and it looks so good we've kept it there for good!!
    Have a nice weekend, I hope it stopped raining

  4. I'd like that second one. To shut the doors and be all alone. Love it.


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