Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chalk it up!

Angela Henrie posted this picture the other day. It was her inspiration to paint a wall of her home in chalkboard paint. While I absolutely love this image, I am drawn more to the ultra bright mirror frames on the wall and the hot pink curtain print. This is the picture I have been saving with high hopes. My little man wants a jungle mural in his room. I, unfortunately am muraled out. I have no desire to even start another one, but with a wall like this he could design his own ever, changing mural!! Only problem...he doesn't want a black wall.

A number of years ago I painted a small section of my kitchen in chalkboard (no, this is not my kitchen, but I'd sure love it!). I had images of daily menus, grocery lists, witty quotes. You know good grown-up stuff...Nope, I get aliens!! Sometimes they are seasonal like this guy. He has "springtime wings".

I also painted the cedar closet door which is located between the two boys bedrooms, and visible from the den. It is really cute at Christmas and Halloween. The rest of the year it is a playground!! This is a "Pirate Humpty Dumpty battling Sponge Bob"! I love it. It really encourages creativity. I hope Angela enjoys her chalkboard walls as much as we have ours, and someday little man is getting the whole room!!

My kitchen, Spring Alien!


  1. Favorite one is definitely the 2. pic.. and I love your blog

  2. Great post!! I love the first picture, with the black board, the zebra print rug and the pink on the curtains. Wish I had it somewhere in my house
    have a great day

  3. Guess what! At Home Depot, they have a chalkboard paint that can be tinted in different colors. So, you don't have to have a black room!

  4. These chalk walls are fabulous - I can absolutely see why this photograph was your inspiration, xv.

  5. LOVING those chalk walls - wow!


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