Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Jury is in...

The Jury is in...
It has been a good three weeks since my elusive dining room table top arrived at our door. after waiting almost three years for the table I expected I would be writing how wonderfully happy I was the night it arrived. Well, anytime I make a change in my house it usually takes a day or two for me to get used to it, another day or two to swear how much I hate it, and then I usually come around and proclaim how much I love it!! This was another story. After having a very small glass topped table, that I realize now really completely blended into it's surroundings, covered in iron and mercury glass candle holders and a white porcelain centerpiece, a great big wood table top really stood out, took up a lot of room and did not look good with my ultra romantic candles and slip covers, cushions and centerpiece. I hate to say I was a truly ungrateful person. It had to go, but I let it stay for a bit, changed my centerpieces, went back to the original iron chairs and pretended it did not exist. I woke up this weekend, and the jury had come in...I think I like it!! In all honesty, it actually goes more with our house and decor than all my candles did. It compliments the iron, the deer mounts, cow hides and wood. After all wasn't this why I wanted it in the first place? "My Favorite Room" which is my favorite shop has some brown velvet trimmed place mats and cream linen napkins which would look great (I hope. I thought my slipcovers would look great...they did not)! And we all fit around it with room to spare! So, the table has bought itself a bit more time. It has some wonderful free form places that are open in the middle-this is really cool, and some natural markings that make it really unique!
What do you think????

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