Thursday, June 18, 2009

while the traveling Mr. wells is spending his days getting drenched at the US Open, here's what we're doing at home in the hot, Texas sunshine...Tripp and I spent the evening watching the ultra hot "Tripp" in "Failure to Launch". You know, here in Texas, we are so proud to call Mr. McConaughey our own (unlike some others from my own High school-J.S.)! That would stand for Jessica Simpson. Funny, though we've seen this movie a hundred times, it takes on a whole new meaning watching it with an almost grown kid, who looks at his name-sake in the movie as a GOD! Even he got a chuckle out of it. (the only reason he was at home to watch a movie with me is his girl friend is at summer school at OU, and all his friends are at camp, or the school trip to Italy)!!!! I'll take the precious time any way I can get it!
Here's what the girls were working on...decoupaging their camp trunks. I really shouldn't show them until they are finished, but it looks so fun already!! The inside is lined in mirror! Too fun! You probably can't see the details, but they are way cool...even a bit of ELOISE!!!
Happy Summer Thursday! I have to shop for my produce co-op tomorrow. Next post from the Dallas Farmers Market....

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  1. Hi! what great pics, you have a seriously cool life/family. I have watched Failure to launch so many times, its a riot.( I love SJP and Mathew). Hopefully your husband had a good day at the Open , no rain here yet.

    Wish I were going to that Dallas Farmers market with you, never been to Dallas hope to get there one day.
    Have a great weekend-looking forward to the pics.


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