Friday, June 26, 2009

For those of you waiting for the extra fat count in your diet, I'm sorry to say, Chicken Fried Friday is on hold this week. The big T-Ripp leaves for camp tomorrow morning...5 weeks in Arkansas, so we had a "going away" dinner instead; grilled steaks and fettuccine Alfredo (still plenty of fat, just not fried)!

I am not at liberty to give details on these pics. They apparently have something to do with deep, dark camp secrets. Now that the "T" is a counselor he is taking these things VERY seriously!!! I will say up until a month or so ago the rubber band gun, um, I mean thing above was his BASS GUITAR!!!! After many, many hours of sanding, grinding and wood burning outside in the heat (100 +) it is something pretty cool! Callie has been working on hers too, but she doesn't leave for a couple more weeks.

It has something to do with the "Metal Head Mansion" They built last year...The wonderful thing about summer camp is it is a kids world. Adults do not have to "get it". Nor are they expected to!!

The work in progress!

The Metal Head Mansion after construction last summer (2008).
Bon voyage, my son. Have a blast!!!
(as if I need to tell him!)


  1. Wow, amazing build. Hope you don't miss him too much.

  2. oh my! what memories

    metal head mansion looks fun...


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