Saturday, June 13, 2009

Finding a Needle in a Haystack!

Have you ever found a needle in a haystack? No, I mean lost something priceless and found it against all odds?
My precious friend, Polly, recently lost three anniversary bands each one was 2 to 3 carats while cleaning at their farm in Kansas. She was Murphy oiling all the woods of the house with other relatives, and slipped the rings into one of the front pockets of her fishing shirt. Most everyone had already packed up and left taking bags of garbage to dump at various dumping sites when she realized they were gone. After tearing apart the house with no luck, she started to call the rest of the family with the garbage bags. They were not in the bags that had not been dumped. At this point it was already dark and her eighty year old father-in-law had made his dump and was back at his home, so Polly and Brooks made their way back to Dallas broken hearted. Polly called me on the way home in tears, "I know your not Catholic, neither am I, but my sister said Saint Anthony is the Patron Saint of lost objects...get praying!" So we got to praying, "Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony, Please come down, Somethings lost and must be found".
Bright and early the next morning Polly called again. Her Father-in-law had gotten up at dawn, gone to the dump, found their garbage bags, gone through each one and on the bottom of the very last bag mixed in with the coffee grounds he found all three rings!!! Unbelievable!!
In honor of Saint Anthony I made her this Ankle Bracelet with two little saints dangling off. Hopefully one of them is Saint Anthony! How is that for divine intervention??!!??


  1. Oh my goodness, I can't even imagine, so glad she found them!! I lost a pair of earrings last summer in France that my husband had bought me for my 40th....not 2-3 carats but still diamonds....I still haven't told my husband! I put them somewhere safe, didn't wear them all holiday then somehow lost them while I was packing.....they are the only thing I have ever lost in my life :(
    Hope you are having a good Saturday :)

  2. I had a close friend who had a very similar experience. It truly is amazing.

  3. Great story. So glad she found her rings...that would be just heartbreaking.

  4. about 20 years ago I lost a diamond tennis bracelet in a major blizzard and actually found it burried in several feet of snow. It was truly meant to be that I would get that bracelet back!!
    (about the Irises...yes they are mine, they are finishing up here now in our zone 6, as far as rhubarb goes we harves ours in June, and it takes up a medium amount of space, it is so delicious and easy to grow) Have a lovely day

  5. how 'bout a charm with her father-in-law on it - now that's a Saint!!


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