Friday, June 12, 2009

Toto, I Don't think We're in Kansas (Texas) Anymore...

Spring in Texas can be just as harrowing as Dorothy's Kansas! We were just a few miles from a two tornadoes Wednesday. This was the first time in years we have had storms like these so close to home, and as might be expected, my travel'n man was gone. We fared pretty well. The hail crushed two of my newer hydrangeas, all of my potted plants blew over and broke, my flag pole on the house snapped in two and the flag was in a neighbors' yard, but we only lost power for a short time (some people still are without power!) What I find totally wild about the whole ordeal...My kids, except Little Man, didn't bat an eye. They could have cared less. When I was young, I would have been terrified. They for whatever reasons (I think they actually learned it in school) think a tornado can not hit a metropolitan area! They just sat and watched a movie until the power went out. Little man is still clinging to me. You always hear on the news people say "It came out of nowhere and caught me by surprise". I don't get this at all. I knew it was coming early in the day. The air was silent and still all day, the sky was low and green and the dogs would not leave my side. Nature certainly gives us clues. Maybe it's just that I've lived in Tornado Alley all my life. It feels very Creeeeeeepy when these storms are in the air! It continued to storm all day yesterday. Hopefully my man can get in the airport today. I saved the tree limb clean up for him, just so he would know it really did storm. He seems to think I exaggerated the whole event. Me? Never!!

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  1. Oh wow....thank goodness your children weren't scared at all - but I guess you obviously knew enough to know something was up...yikes!
    Stay safe :)


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