Friday, May 22, 2009

The Boarding House Collection

My family seems to think it is really funny that I have created this blog and spend what they see as their time working on it. "DAAAAAAAD, mom is addicted to blogging, and I need to check something on the computer!!!!" - translated: I need to check my facebook. Is the common shriek these days. I got really tickled when Tripp came to me and said, "You know mom, you could use your sight for your designs." Really, son. Wow, thanks for the suggestion. So, Tripp, this one's for you.
I started the Boarding House Collection years ago quite by accident. It is the same story heard over and over again in the design world. I had made a bag for myself using some of my great grandmothers old, Persian lamb skin pelts, beautiful fabrics and literally hundreds of yards of Belgian lace. Every time I carried it people would stop me wanting to know where they could get one. Finally I made myself some business cards and started taking custom orders. I have had the collection in various boutiques throughout Texas, but find they do best as custom commissioned pieces. Now I primarily sell through trunk shows held at these boutiques and through individual orders. Each piece is its own unique, one of a kind design and never, ever mass produced using extraordinarily sumptuous rich fabrics and findings, both new and vintage, to give them an eclectic, romantic, western feel. I create a lot of my own trims and detail pieces, custom dye and put exteme work into the details by hand. The insides are as pretty as the outsides with a cell phone pocket and a seperate pocket for keys, money or whatever . I have been so busy with family this past year, I have not had much time create, but these are a few pieces from my private collection that I think show the variety in size, style and mood. The Boarding House collection of bags is truly the perfect accessory for all those "Texas Chic" and "Denim and Diamond" soiree invites.
The name, Boarding House is to honor my great grandmother, Callie, who owned a boarding house during the Texas oil boom. She made her fortune by staking the wildcatters that flocked to the Burkburnett area in their oilwells. Callie stayed in the oil business herself with oil in the Burk and Kilgore areas of Texas. Even some in Arkansas! As a 6th generation Texan (7th depending on who you talk to), I try to stay true to my Texas roots. Each bag is named for a Texas town, county, street or iconic character.
With summer around the corner, I should be able to get some work done. My fingers are twitching with designs. As I get them done I will surely post them for you to see, and I will let you know of any Trunk Show dates.

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