Thursday, May 21, 2009

More Great Art

While on the subject of really great art...Shelly Beson's super fun, ultra happy, jewelry blogspot ( introduced me to Welcome to the doghouse ( Shelly calls it "Insanely Cool Art", and I totally agree! These two bulldog prints are from some lucky person's custom doggy portrait. The one on the bottom is "Porter". My Etouffee' is pictured in the middle. Porter looks so much like her, slobbery ball and all, that I think I need to own the print. Actually, they both look like her. No, I know what you're thinking. Not all bulldogs look alike.
My traveling hubby should be making his way home from El Paso with my elusive table top. I might actually have it by midnight!! I really hope I like it. Who ever heard of going to this much time, trouble and I'm sure $$$ for something sight unseen??? Well I suppose I have - it is one of those things that keeps life exciting. I will either be showing off pictures of it soon, in all its glory, or showing them begging for helpful suggestions. For now, I just hope it fits in the room and the iron base can support it!

We've had a couple really beautiful days, and I've gotten a lot done in the garden and beds. Good thing. It's supposed to start raining again tomorrow.

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