Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chez Callie Belle

Welcome to Chez Callie Belle, established 1995.
Pink and Black at it's finest! Think vintage Neiman Marcus, black Eiffel Towers, Pink Standard poodles...
(Imagine the bedding in the yet to be made, Sis Boom fabric montage...antique black iron bed frame, in the garage waiting on big brother to go to college and leave his big mattress!)
Callie Wells Originals on the wall.
Marilyn happy as a lark on her pink satin chez lounge...

Audrey at Tiffany's keeping watch. As well as her own glass enclosed library, lit by great grandmother, Cockle's (soon to be 100 years old!) hanging lamp covered in a vintage pink and black tutu from the Homestead in Fredricksburg.

An old screen door partially covers the sliding door to the sun room.
Check out my tutu!!! I was a cupcake in the Wizard of Oz!

The room is still a work in progress, as you can see. We still have the bedding to do and the curtains for the sliding door. We also want to paint the concrete floor. Maybe checker board. It is a fun and festive place to live! Only Eloise did Pink and Black better. If you looked closely, you would spy her here and there throughout Callie's room. She's a favorite around here!

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  1. What a perfect room! That is so wonderful she has your tutu still! I am an "Audrey" girl, myself. I still love her!


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