Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Checkered Floors

Check out this wonderful kitchen breakfast area posted by Angela Henrie ( This is a very similar layout to my kitchen which is now black and white with a touch of pink, thanks to Layla Palmer at the Lettered Cootage (

My kitchen ends in a large bay window. I have an antique writing table on lay-a-way that I hope will give the illusion of a banquet like the one pictured. I have slip covered two similar chairs in a sheer black fabic, I plan to make them also in a sheer pink fabric, to flank the table. As soon as I finish painting the second side of the kitchen, I will post the photos. Both before and after. I was working with the original 1967 wood and olive kitchen! and I am loving the outcome. It was a very easy and inexpensive face lift with a huge visual impact!! As for the amazing black and white checkered floor...I will have to continue to see them in my head! I have to admit there are many, many things I imagine in my house and just see them that way until someone new comes over, and I try to explain that concept to them! I just hope mine is a fraction as lovely as the one in the picture.

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