Monday, July 6, 2009

Dream Lights

I'm dreaming of lighting my grape garden in these, Oh, So Romantic votives. Couldn't you just drift off to never land with these blowing in the breeze? I think I'll add linnen or ribbon roses, maybe some crystals to catch the light and some small rusted bells to chime as they move. These might also act as a beautiful scare crow.


  1. Hi, I have had such a long stressful day at the doctors (thankfully that ended with good news) Your lovely post actually got me to relax for the first time today and picture myself under those grape vines with those stunning votives, they are so romantic!!

  2. Bunny, I'm so happay your appointment ended well, and that I was able to help you relax. The mere thought of these relax me!!! Thanks for all your sweet comments!!!

  3. je te découvre grâce a Mimi charmante!
    a bientôt


  4. Oh, how pretty!
    Glad you liked my Paris post - thanks for the lovely comments - you will be taking the same photos yourself one day when you visit :)


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