Saturday, July 25, 2009

Whim and Whimsy

I don't as a rule like to re-publish pictures I've seen on other blogs, but I do keep quite a large file of my favorites to pull from for inspiration. Don't we all?
This morning I put together some of my my favorites to inspire the weekend. I love these because of their whimsical nature, but they seemed to scream a theme all their own. They are shouting, "Go green, my friends"!
Some of these are older, and I do not have their origins. Please forgive me for this and correct me at will. Have a great big, whimsical creative and green weekend! xoxo kim
Michael Eastman Photography

Lily G (here)

Brabourne Farm

Country Style via Brabourne Farm


  1. Love your blog and your style! Am really loving the Michael Eastman Photography picture! Personally, I just started my blog (like a week ago), so I'm totally gathering inspiration from bloggers each day too. =)

    I invite you over to my little piece of the internet

    I'm a follower now! ;)

  2. I love the bed! And the sheets, and the comforter...they're all great pictures.

  3. These are great pictures, thanks for posting them!


  4. They are lovely, I'm pleased you put them up.


  5. Kim, these shots are all gorgeous and it is easy to see why you chose them. Going green like this would be a pleasure....xv

  6. I love everyone of your pictures and If I was not always stealing photos I would be up the creek with out a paddle as they I know , I am only flatter when someone uses one of my personal photos. Thanks for the note that you left me today.

  7. * Wonnnnderful & interesting photos! Glad I came over from Vicky's place!!! Thank you!
    Linda in AZ *

  8. Just popped over from the Paris House.
    Love love these pictures. Your blog is a great read:)

  9. Love your choice of photos. Green is such a gorgeous colour - love the variety of shades you found. Leigh

  10. Hi Kim
    There is a lot of greenery there. Really nice pics.


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