Wednesday, July 15, 2009

T is for Tuesday, T is for Trash

Don' t judge me on this one...
Tuesdays in my neighborhood are "large item pick-up" days. what this means is if you have tree limb's, furniture, garbage that is too large for the regular pick-up, you can call the city and on Tuesdays they will pick it up from your front curb. What this also means, is occasionally you can hit the mother load on your way to the grocery store!!! I try to restrain myself, when I see something priceless on the side of the road, as my family seems to think this is the absolute lowest form of treasure gathering, but sometimes it is just too hard to resist! Especially, when you can see a great pile a block away. Yesterday was one of those days. As I passed the junkiest looking house you've ever seen, I nearly missed seeing it. My view obscured by two other women loading, and I do mean loading their Suburbans with really great junk. They had antique vanities with big round mirrors, benches, great frames and bed frames. All really wonderful. If I had only left the house 10 minutes earlier...I did manage to get this really cool rusty, old push mower with the wooden handles to sit in the garden, and this charming glass lamp (one of my "Boardinghouse" shades). So I was happy!! When my travelin' mister returns, he won't even notice, and with the kids at camp they are non-the-wiser!

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  1. Kim that is so exciting, you have the opportunity to find these treasures every Tuesday!! I usually am lucky if I can hit a tag sale a few times a year in Vermont. The lamp looks great. In my last news letter I sent out for my business I did a little story on treasure hunting...If you don't mind when I send my next one out in September I would like to link the treasure hunting part to this post for my readers to enjoy
    enjoy your new treasures
    ps-your husband and kids sound just like mine!!!


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