Thursday, July 23, 2009

While sanding the day away on little man's pallets for his pallet bed (he actually did a lot of the sanding with me). I had visions in my head of new bedding. I want to keep it simple and neutral, khaki or white with bold punches of color in awesome pillows like these. Little man wants lots of green. This is a huge change from his ultra calm and serene robin's egg blue room with toile bedding. I think I will paint the three walls opposite the chalkboard wall white and his remaining furniture either white or a bold primary. He wants his bench cushion reupholstered in zebra "fur". This would be fitting since this is where the wild thing is!
I don't know the origin of this picture, but I love the colors and the bolsters.

These ball pillows are McKenzie Childs'. I have ball pillows in every room of the house. I love them. I will also do a giant one as a floor cushion!

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  1. Oooh the colour combo sounds interesting! I love those bolsters too, very enchanting! I am so excited for the WTWTA movie coming out soon!

    Oh and a very belated reply to your question, the 'S' in Spoodles is spaniel! :)


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