Thursday, July 9, 2009

If there is one design style that truly moves me beyond all others it is the oh so, dreamy feel of Victorian, Western Romance. There are places here in Texas where this time worn style is as sumptuous and natural as the land. It is a bit more Bohemian than Shabby Chic, a bit more Eclectic than Cottage, it can be all creams and whites or bright vibrant colors; linen and lace or lush cut velvets. It is a distinct innovative style, reflective of Texas' wild western roots. Picture sets from "Tombstone" or "Lonesome Dove". This has been the natural influence in my home from the beginning, using a combination of treasured family heirlooms from the 19th century, layered with vintage and handmade linens and lots & lots of found objects from nature. It can't be hurt by the children or dogs. They actually help with the aging process. It is warm, alluring and romantic, but never fussy or too feminine.

Robin Brown of Magnolia Pearl is the Queen of this style philosophy. She has taken the laid back style of the Texas Hill Country and created something amazing. Whether outside like her settee' pictured here, or in her opulent farm house, Robin has layers and layers of treats for your eye.

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