Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I need your help...
As you know, we have two English Bulldogs.

Callie's dear, dear,oh so wonderful, best, super best friend in the whole wide world's (here goes a good shot at the spelling...) Chihuahua had puppies. My dear sweet child has formed a bond with one of these sweet things. She caught me hook, line and sinker with this one!!! From the moment we got our SECOND bulldog and named him Boudin, I said, "we need a chihuahua named 'Cracklins' ".
My super wonderful idea is to pick her up from camp, Sunday, with this little sweetie in toe. Hubby is on board if it is free and a female (one of our bulldogs is a male, though fixed, and will most likely try to EAT it). As for the free, what the travelin' mister does not know, won't hurt him! As for the male part, I am not God.

He's actually the darker of the two that you can't see so well. My need is this...I know nothing about these dogs, that I can't spell their name. Do you think one can co-exist in my CRAZY family? If so, it would make for one happy hormonal teenage girl, and that is worth BILLIONS in my book. Plus, I would be the favorite parent for a brief moment in time!!! HELP ME PLEASE!


  1. Hi Kim, I wish I knew something about them. We have 5 dogs and they all live well together. I say go for it, but I'm a crazy animal lover, so I'm always going to say the more the merrier!! I tell my husband "everything" is "free"!! ha ha...How can he possible believe this????
    Keep us posted

  2. OK, so my DOG LOVIN daughter is off to get her ALL ABOUT DOGS BIBLE right now! She will let you know what she finds out!

    And I want a chihuahua named Sprinkles.

  3. HI..this is mom is Laura from Piece of Cake.
    Chihuahua's are very saucy dogs, with a big devotion to one person. They are very good with other household pets, but not great with other dogs outside of the family. They like the indoors. They hate the cold. They are not an outdoor pet.
    I am so jealous! I love dogs but can not have one where I live. I have my own blog called PUPPY ART...check it can click on it on the side of my moms blog.
    Your daughter is so lucky!

  4. Awww...So cute! I think he's a keeper!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog...
    I have now become a follower of your cool blog.
    Have a Great Day, and enjoy your new fur baby!

  5. Hi Kim,

    Found you through Bunny, what a fun and lovely blog you have! Check out this site, you may find it helpful and informative.

    I'm off now to peruse through more of your blog!


  6. Oh wow, y'all, thanks for the help!! Especially you Belle (my daughters nickname is "Callie Belle..until recently she thought Belle was her name). The only thing holding me back is the fear that my male bulldog will eat it. As for everything else Belle told me, he would fit in awesome. I'll keep you updated! XOXO Kim


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